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Suggestions on Strengthening the Utilization of Straw Energy

Release time:2017-12-27

Core Tip: China's straw network comprehensive report, in recent years, with the increasing pressure on environmental protection and straw burning, the state
The comprehensive utilization of straw is also more important.

China's straw network comprehensive report, in recent years, with the increasing pressure on environmental protection and straw burning, the country's comprehensive utilization of straw has also paid more attention. The comprehensive utilization of straw has long been a key promotion policy of relevant state departments, and relevant research institutes and academic units have also introduced numerous practical technologies and achievements.

In the field of comprehensive utilization of straw, there are many ways such as fertilizer, feed, base material, materialization and energy utilization. Among them, fertilizer utilization is mainly straw returning, but in the north, it is severely restricted by climate, and it is basically impossible. Realization; feed utilization is limited by the low nutrients that crop straw can provide, especially corn stalks; the use of base materials is limited; the use of materials refers to the use of straw to make building materials such as plates, which are subject to technology, investment, The limitations of various factors in the market are now very small and cannot be scaled in the short term.
The energy utilization of straw is divided into two major ways: straw gasification and compact molding. Due to the low temperature in the north, it is difficult to meet the design requirements for straw gasification. Dense molding is to crush the straw and then press it into pellets or blocks to replace coal as boiler fuel. Due to the large density and small volume of the straw fuel after compaction, it is not only easy to transport, but also can concentrate energy excitation. It can completely replace coal in non-special purpose boilers. Large-scale advancement of straw energy utilization can achieve superior environmental benefits. According to the current technical means, the energy utilization of straw is the easiest, fastest, largest and most effective way to solve the problem of straw burning.
1. It can quickly clean the straw in the field, effectively eliminate the burning of straw on the spot, curb the source of smog caused by straw burning, and reduce the pressure of atmospheric pollution.
2. A large number of alternatives to the use of coal to achieve the goal of clean emissions. Taking Liaoning Province as an example, the existing cultivated land area in Liaoning Province is about 4 million hectares, which is used for planting about 3 million hectares of various crops, and can produce 15 million tons of straw per year. Only about 3 million tons were used as fuelwood or feed, and the rest were basically discarded. If it is processed into a molding fuel, it can replace about 9 million tons of standard coal, which is equivalent to the annual coal consumption of 10 300,000 kilowatt power plants. It can reduce CO2 emissions by about 27 million tons and reduce SO2 emissions by 270,000 tons per year. .
3. Compared with electricity, natural gas and other energy sources, biomass fuels are not only renewable, but also have great price advantages. The same calorific value, biomass fuel is 22.9% of electricity, 53.3% of natural gas, and 45.5% of diesel. Biomass energy based on straw-forming fuel, and wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, and water energy are also called five renewable energy sources. The renewable energy of biomass energy and the stability and reliability of its total amount are other renewable energy sources. Can not be compared.
However, there are currently some difficulties in the promotion of comprehensive utilization of straw, including:
1. Issues of recognition and support from the environmental protection department. Despite the encouragement and support measures of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the grassroots environmental protection departments have not been vigorously promoted. Taking Shenyang, Liaoning Province as an example, in Shenyang's blue sky plan, there is no biomass fuel within the second ring. In similar plans in various districts, there is no plan to promote biomass fuel, but all force the promotion of higher cost electricity and natural gas. The city's existing biomass boilers use about 500,000 tons of biomass fuel per year, but only use less than 50,000 tons per year.
2. Straw collection is difficult and costly. The traditional straw harvesting method is difficult to meet the scale of processing, and the increasing labor costs increase the collection cost.
3. The cost of other ratio materials is difficult to control. Due to the requirements of moisture and calorific value, other biomass materials such as peanut shells and sawdust must be added in the processing of straw forming fuel. Due to the far-reaching production of peanuts and the unstable production, the price of peanut shells is high and the supply cannot be guaranteed.
4. Business difficulties. Including the cost of using the factory site is very high, the cost of tax processing is high, and the market capacity is too small.
Suggestions for this:
1. Provide reasonable policy support for straw energyization and alleviate cost pressures. Supporting equipment subsidies, transportation costs, etc., granting reasonable subsidies to enterprises using biomass fuels, encouraging enterprises to select biomass fuels in energy conversion, and providing support in boiler reformation and fuel use. The price department has introduced policies to ensure that the electricity used by straw forming fuel enterprises can enjoy the price of agricultural electricity.
2. Relevant departments provide auxiliary materials for enterprises to solve raw material problems. The landscaping belt will produce a large number of dry branches and leaves each year, and they are also difficult to handle. However, it is a good auxiliary material for straw forming fuel, and relevant departments can coordinate and provide raw materials for straw enterprises.
3. The government coordinates the straw storage site. After the straw is collected, the relevant government departments use the idle land of the school, the institution's compound, and the mass square to help the enterprise coordinate the storage of straw.
4. The administrative institutions took the lead in setting a good example. Existing self-heating administrative, public institutions, troops, schools, hospitals, etc., give priority to the use of biomass fuels and play a good demonstration role.

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