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Notice on Strengthening the Comprehensive Utilization of Straw and Promoting the Use and Management of Pilot Subsidy Funds

Release time:2018-08-23

Core Tip: China's straw network comprehensive report, in order to effectively promote the province's comprehensive utilization of crop straw comprehensive county pilot project, in accordance with the "Issue of Heilongjiang Province to carry out comprehensive utilization of crop straws throughout the county

China's straw network comprehensive report, in order to effectively promote the province's comprehensive utilization of crop straw comprehensive pilot project, in accordance with the "Notice on Printing and Implementing the Implementation Plan of the Comprehensive Utilization of Crop Straw in the County of Heilongjiang Province" (Black Agriculture Committee Lianfa [2017] 〕 No. 132), the relevant matters concerning the use of funds for the comprehensive utilization of straw in the whole county in 2017 are as follows:

First, the general principle
Coordinate the use of relevant agriculture-related funds, actively support the comprehensive utilization of straw, and promote the comprehensive utilization of various forms of straw in the pilot counties (cities, districts) throughout the county. According to the principle of centralized subsidy, key placement, multi-receipt, multi-use and multi-complement, The amount of subsidies is given to certain types of production and operation entities that meet the prescribed utilization amount, and a certain standard subsidy is given. According to the local conditions, the pilot counties (cities, districts) should adapt to local conditions, classify and implement policies, do not make a one-size-fits-all approach, and do not cover everything. Give full play to the role of financial funds to encourage and guide, establish a long-term mechanism, guide more social capital into the comprehensive utilization of straw, encourage the utilization of straw industrialization, and improve the comprehensive utilization of straw.
Second, the fund subsidy object and support direction
Targets for fund subsidies: All kinds of production and management entities (including farmers, farmers' professional cooperatives, leading enterprises, etc.) engaged in straw storage and various forms of comprehensive utilization.
Fund support direction:
1. The straw is mechanized and returned to the field. The focus is on the purchase of special agricultural machinery such as inverted ploughs, no-tillage planters, and paddy ploughs and ploughing graders with straw returning functions. The maximum amount of subsidies for a single machine is not more than purchased. 60% of the total amount of the machine (with), and may not repeatedly enjoy the subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery. This autumn, the working area of each set of turning plow, heavy hoe and straw smashing machine should be guaranteed above 4,000 mu.
2. Straw storage. First, subsidize the specialized equipment for straw storage, storage and transportation, and focus on subsidies for the purchase of mowers, balers and storage and transportation equipment. The maximum amount of subsidies for a single machine is not more than 60% of the total purchases. %, the second is to subsidize the construction of standardized storage sites, and to collect the straw from the field to the fixed storage site through the means of mechanical packing, straw bulk loading and other storage sites for newly built ground scales, nursing houses, fences and fire-fighting facilities. If the storage and storage of straw is more than 2,000 tons, in accordance with the sales contract, sales bills, completed and put into production and qualified for inspection, each straw storage and storage point will be subsidized by no more than 200,000 yuan.
3. Energyization. The first is to subsidize the construction of straw briquetting fuel processing stations. In accordance with the “Notice on Printing and Implementing the Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Utilization of Rural Straw Briquetting Fuel Utilization in Heilongjiang Province” (Dongzi [2017] No. 57), the provincial government office and the provincial government office, each pilot county (city, district) Relying on the farmers' professional cooperatives, village collective economic organizations and other business entities, using the existing idle space, construct at least one straw briquetting fuel processing station, and grant 70% subsidy to the construction projects included in the subsidy scope (the total amount is not More than 693,000 yuan). The second is to give biomass stove subsidies. It mainly promotes biomass boilers with low cost burning straw briquette fuel to meet the needs of farmers for cooking, and the thermal performance and environmental protection indicators are in accordance with the general technical conditions of biomass cooking stoves (NB/T34007-2012). Appropriate subsidies. The pilot city and county finances use the financial resources of this level to arrange special funds to subsidize 350 households in each county to replace 70% of the biomass stoves. The excess of household subsidies can be subsidized by provincial pilot funds. The third is subsidies for molding fuel production enterprises. Demonstrate and promote the typical mode of straw briquetting fuel utilization. For straw briquetting fuel enterprises with an annual output of over 2,000 tons, the subsidies for finished products should not exceed 150 yuan per ton according to the actual consumption of straw.
4. Fertilization. The first is to subsidize straw fertilization. The main body of the whole straw fertilization management shall not be more than 200 yuan per ton (including the cost of decomposing agent, carbon-nitrogen ratio regulator); the subsidy for semi-straw fertilizer management shall not exceed 100 yuan per ton (including decomposing agent, carbon) Nitrogen ratio regulator and other costs). The second is to subsidize straw fertilizer equipment. For the purchase of straw fertilization dumping equipment and organic fertilizer throwing machinery, each set (set) shall not be subsidized by 60% of the total purchase price.
5. Base material. For the production and management of edible straw base and rice seedlings, flowers, seedlings and turf matrices with crop straws, subsidies shall be made according to the actual amount of straw, and the subsidy per ton of straw shall not exceed 100 yuan.
6. Feeding. Actively promote technologies such as ammoniation, micro-storage and puffing, and comprehensively promote the utilization of straw feed. Focus on supporting the development of herbivorous animal husbandry, play the role of forage livestock in the consumption of straw, and promote the straw to return to the field. For the main body of grass-fed livestock breeding industry with a certain scale, depending on the consumption of yellow storage and micro-storage straw, the subsidy per ton of straw is not more than 50 yuan.
7. Raw materialization. Focus on industrial processing enterprises that use straw as raw material for sheet, paper, fuel ethanol, bio-aviation fuel, degradable paper film, straw starch, straw polysaccharide, etc., according to the amount of straw used, subsidies for straw purchase, subsidy standards per Tons of straw are not higher than 50 yuan.
8. Straw is banned. Emphasis will be placed on subsidies for straw burning, inspection and inspection, control of fire points (linked to the number of satellite monitoring), project training, third-party evaluation, and work links related to burning straw, totaling no more than 4% of the total project funds.
Third, subsidy standards and requirements
The provincial-level straw comprehensive utilization of the whole county to promote the pilot funds, in accordance with the method of chopping the block to the pilot counties (cities, districts), the pilot counties (cities, districts) according to the provincial-level clear support direction and subsidy standards, overall arrangements for use. Encourage qualified counties (cities, districts) to independently arrange relevant support funds and provincial-level subsidy funds for overall use. It is necessary to do a good job of coordinating with the existing policies of other special agriculture-related funds to prevent problems such as inconsistent subsidy standards, policy conflicts, and repeated and long-term subsidies for the same support link. The purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment by all types of production and operation entities shall be carried out in accordance with the subsidy standards for the purchase of agricultural machinery by the farmers in the 2017 and the addition of machinery by the modern agricultural machinery cooperatives. Government procurement is required for all types of equipment outside the subsidy catalogue. On the basis of signing the contract, a certain amount of use deposit can be reserved. After the project is used up, it can be paid in one lump sum to ensure that the subsidized business entity is put into production. Resolutely avoid the waste and idleness of subsidized machinery and equipment.
The agricultural departments of all localities should establish electronic receipts for all kinds of production and operation entities to collect and store straw, and make real-time updates. All kinds of production and operation entities should establish a detailed account of the storage and utilization of straw and the documentary materials for the acquisition and sale. All pilot counties (cities, districts) should evaluate the comprehensive utilization of straw. Before the end of April 2018, the provincial level will form a joint inspection team to supervise the comprehensive utilization of straw and the distribution of subsidy funds in each pilot counties (cities, districts), and strictly prohibit fraud; and use of pilot funds for comprehensive utilization of straw in pilot counties Conduct performance evaluation.
Fourth, fund management and operation
The financial and agricultural departments of the pilot counties (cities, districts) must strengthen the supervision of funds, speed up the progress of expenditures, and improve the efficiency of the use of funds. The management of balance carry-over funds shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the provinces to revitalize the stock funds. To establish a sound financial management and accounting system, subsidy funds may not be transferred or misappropriated without authorization. If the funds are misappropriated or defrauded or misappropriated, the subsidy funds shall be dealt with strictly according to the rules and regulations.
Attachment: Comprehensive Evaluation of Agricultural Crops and Straw in Heilongjiang Province

Heilongjiang Provincial Agriculture Committee Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Finance

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